Recognizing the challenges of balancing family life during the current COVID-19 lockdown, the team at Galway in conjunction with the Williams Family Foundation, have partnered with Mary Brown’s Chicken to support the Single Parent Association of Newfoundland (SPAN).

The initiative will see 500 families enjoying a Mary Brown’s Family Feast – eliminating the stress and worry of shopping, cooking, or cleaning up for an evening.

“I’ve seen my own team at Galway dealing with the lockdown – working from home, monitoring their kids online schooling, in addition to all of the other normal everyday chores of running a household,” said Danny Williams, CEO of DewCor. “And I thought how much more difficult that would be on a fixed income in single parent homes. Greg Roberts (CEO and Owner of Mary Brown’s) and I chatted, and we agreed to each contribute $10,000 in the hope that the simple act of helping to put a meal on the table for even just one night will alleviate some of the stresses faced during this difficult time.”

With a total contribution of $20,000, Galway/The Williams Family Foundation, in partnership with Mary Brown’s Chicken, is providing 500 MB gift cards valued at $40/each to the Single Parent Association of Newfoundland.

Greg Roberts, CEO and Owner of Mary Brown’s, echoes Williams’ comments, “It’s a challenging time, especially for single parent families having to cope with extra responsibilities, incredible stress and living on a fixed income.” He adds, “It’s all about community and taking care of each other. I’m just really happy that Mary Brown’s can help these families in some small way.”

“Such an amazing gesture at such a difficult time,” Chair of the board for SPAN, Krista Koerner says. “Food insecurity is a constant issue amongst many Newfoundland families and the current pandemic has heightened this significantly. We are beyond grateful for this generous donation.”

Galway and Mary Brown’s hope this is a reminder that during these times, it is important to remember that organizations like SPAN – now more than ever – rely on donations from private citizens and corporations.

The Single Parent Association of Newfoundland’s objective is to provide supports for single parents, enabling them to regain control over their lives for the empowerment of themselves and their children.