St. John’s – The most exciting new community in the City of St. John’s is progressing, as Galway moves forward with substantial expenditures and infrastructure construction.  To-date, approximately 250-acres of land has been substantially prepared for use including water, sewer, grading, and landscaping. Thus far in Phase 1 of the development, DewCor has spent approximately $62 million, with another estimated $40 million planned for next year.  This is a total of $100 million being spent in Phase 1 alone; all from the private sector with no government funding.  There have been more than 15 primary contractors on the site over the past several months, as well as some 40 secondary contractors.  The sheer volume of work has created hundreds of jobs in this construction phase, with thousands more going forward into future phases.  To-date, more than 100-acres of land in Galway has been sold for development; with DewCor retaining an additional 100-acres in partnership developments.

“We have seen some impressive work completed at Galway in 2015 and we look forward to breaking ground on homes, buildings, and new shopping areas in 2016,” said Mr. Williams.  “As one of the largest real estate projects in Eastern Canada, Galway has created a huge buzz and we are pleased to contribute important and necessary infrastructure to the city.  We took on this massive financial expenditure because we want this project to be done right.  Our commitment to excellence has been unwavering.  Building a project of this size is no small undertaking. Our expenditure of significant up-front capital costs is indicative of not only our faith in this development, but our confidence in the long-term economic prospects of the city.”

Included in the enormous amount of infrastructure being built for Phase 1 are trunk sewers, water mains, electricity and communications, storm water retention, water reservoirs, and more than 36 acres of roadways.  Additionally, there are approximately 200-acres designated to green space including 156-acres for protected areas, 8-acres for neighbourhood parks and 7-acres for a community space.  Upon completion of Phase 1, infrastructure valued at approx. $60 million will be given to the City of St. John’s for a nominal fee of $1.

“Our goal is to create a community that embraces as much of the outdoors as possible with a significant number of trails, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces,” added Williams.  “We believe strongly that residents want to live in a place that supports healthy, active lifestyles.  Combine this with a unique Town Centre and premiere shopping facilities and the end result will be a highly sought after community for people in every phase of life.”

“We are going above and beyond to ensure we develop a community that will be both aesthetically pleasing and a crown jewel in the cityscape,” said Williams.  “We have done extensive landscaping at our own expense and not required by regulations, and we will continue to raise the bar as we move into the residential area.”

DewCor has also successfully concluded agreements with Clayton Developments for the residential component (Galway Living), and with Plaza REIT for the retail component (The Shoppes at Galway).  Construction on both the residential and retail areas will commence in 2016; and construction on Glencrest Business Centre is imminent.

This “live, work, and play” community will feature a brand new premiere shopping area (The Shoppes at Galway), a vibrant business centre (Glencrest Business Centre) and up to 5,000 new homes (Galway Living) upon completion.  Homes will be all-inclusive and will offer something for every lifestyle – from single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums, to bungalows, town houses, and executive homes.  Galway is a DewCor project located in St. John’s.

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Fact Sheet

  • Water infrastructure that will become the property of the City of St. John’s – Phase 1:
  • Total expenditures to-date = $62,000,000
  • Total number of construction packages in progress or completed = 15
  • 7,154 metres of water main
  • Booster – Reservoir Link = $4,600,000
  • Reservoir Tanks = $3,600,000
  • Booster Pump Station = $4,800,000
  • Galway Booster Pump Station – Located on Reservoir Rd, this state of the art 6,500 sq. ft. facility was designed in consultation with the City in order to meet the needs of the development.
  • Galway Water Reservoirs – The Galway reservoir site has the capacity for three (3) reservoir tanks. Each tank will stand at a height of 83 ft.; have a 70 ft. diameter, and a capacity of 1,945,636 gallons. The first tank is now in place.
  • Sanitary sewer infrastructure that will become the property of the City of St. John’s – Phase 1;
    • 6,056 metres of sewer pipe
    • 101 manholes
  • Storm sewer infrastructure that will become property of the City of St. John’s – Phase 1;
    • 3,785 metres of storm sewer pipe
    • 23 acre Regional Storm Water Detention Facility
    • 5 acre Local Storm Water Detention Facility (Corner of Ruth and Southlands Extension)
    • 3 acre Retail Storm Water Detention Facility
    • 3 acre Residential Storm Water Detention Facility
  • Total green space to be turned over to the City of St. John’s;
    • Protected natural green space = 156 acres
    • Community Green – Residential Phase 1 = 7 acres
    • Neighbourhood parks = 8 acres
    • Storm Water Facilities outside of residential = 31 acres
  • Total metres of roadways to be built in Phase 1 that will become property of the City of St. John’s;
    • 7,316 meters
    • 36 acres will be turned over to the City containing roadways (based on 20 m cross section)
  • Total value of infrastructure to be handed over to the City in Phase 1 of the development;
    • Approx. $60 million
  • Residential partnership with Clayton Developments has commenced. Residential construction to start in 2016.
  • Retail partnership with Plaza REIT has commenced. Retail construction to start in 2016